Welcome to Ferelden.

Ferelden is a relatively young kingdom located in southeastern Thedas. Ferelden means “fertile valley” in the Alamarri tongue. It was formed by King Calenhad nearly four hundred years ago by uniting Alamarri clans.

The nation was conquered by Orlais three centuries later, and was under Orlesian occupation for 84 years of its 400-year history. It was freed through the efforts of King Maric Theirin and Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir. Maric’s son, King Cailan Theirin, and Loghain’s daughter, Queen Anora Mac Tir are the rulers of the country.

Ferelden has a strict policy on the use of magic, and the Chantry keeps a tight leash on all mages in the country. Mages do pose a very real threat to the world – they are like a beacon to demons, who inhabit the Fade. These demons constantly seek to possess mages, usually through temptation or other trickery, in order to gain access to the world and lay waste to the material world they so envy. So the Templars, the order of warriors sworn to the Chantry, stay in The Circle Tower with them, ready to cut down any mage at the first hint of possession.

The lands of Thedas are also constantly terrorized by the Darkspawn, a race of creatures bent on destruction. Every so often, the darkspawn unite under an Archdemon, and a Blight begins. These blights have always wreaked havoc on every facet of society in Thedas. Thus, the Grey Wardens were formed specifically to combat the blights and send the darkspawn back into the deep roads.

This story unfolds as four wayward adventurers meet and join together for a common good. They each have their own goals and motives, but none know just what awaits in the turbulent lands of Ferelden.

Out of Character (OOC):

Everyone feel free to edit your own character bios in the ‘fluff’ section, and leave details and/or links to details in the stats, or ‘crunch’, section. That should greatly help speed up in-game questions and issues. Also, anyone feel free to make an adventure log post at any time, preferably in-character. Even if someone has already recapped a session or storyline, I’m more than happy to have it from multiple points-of-view, and I’ll definitely award bonus XP for the effort.

I’m not entirely sure if everyone has access to making Wiki pages and Character Entries and so forth on the site, but if you do, feel free to do so as you will. I’d definitely appreciate the help. Here’s hoping this page helps to bring the campaign to life just a bit more by keeping detailed notes on all of our sessions, NPC’s, experiences, and what have you.

Lastly, while I think it will be helpful, it is in the end just a resource. It will provide a quick reference for all kinds of different information on our campaign as long as we maintain it semi-regularly. But if it fails, it fails. The game is still priority #1. See you at the game table.

Dragon Age: Ascension

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