Gwaren crest

Gwaren is a major, but remote town in Ferelden, being accessible only by ship or by travelling along the trail through the heavily forested region west of the city. It is also described as being a “rough town full of loggers and fishermen”. Loghain Mac Tir is the appointed Teyrn and it is one of the last two Teyrnirs in Ferelden, the other being Highever. Its heraldic device is a yellow wyvern.

During the rebellion against the Orlesian usurper Meghren, more than thirty years before the events in Dragon Age: Origins, Gwaren was retaken by the rebel army, which was led by King Maric Theirin. Afterwards, it became the rebel headquarters. Prior to this, it had once been ruled by Teryn Voric, a rebel sympathizer, who was hanged along with his entire family in Denerim Square before the town was given over to one of Meghren’s cousins.

After the rebel’s disastrous attack on West Hill they retreated there and the usurper laid siege to the town. Sometime later, Maric returned to Gwaren through the Deep Roads though rumor said that he had risen from the dead. Upon hearing about Maric’s return and believing the rumor, the townspeople rose in open rebellion against the usurper. The combined strength of the townspeople and Maric’s forces were enough to defeat the usurper’s forces, though not before half of the town’s population were slain and the town set ablaze. After the war, Maric made Loghain Teyrn of Gwaren.


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