Formerly shy, young mage, recently homicidal maniac.


Verrat was a young mage who found a rare respite for his kind – peace, freedom, and acceptance within the confines of the Chantry of the Maker’s Hands in the Anderfels. He was always very quiet and shy, but known to be very kind and innocent to those few he opened up to. One of these people happened to be Li Lung.

He was enamored with lyrium and its uses in enchantment, and loved to experiment. So when a shipment of a mysterious, crimson-red lyrium arrived at the monastery one day, he couldn’t resist seeing what power it held. He locked himself in his quarters and worked for days, but no one could have predicted what would emerge.

Verrat, along with dozens of armed warriors, descended upon the monastery, murdering and destroying all of its inhabitants. Li, Mikhael Dryden, and Kolgrim saw him in the common area of the monastery flying about, hurling fireballs, while gargoyle statues came to life and attacked the innocents fleeing the destruction.

What exactly drove Verrat to this madness, as well as current whereabouts, are both unknown.


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