Queen of Ferelden and dedicated ruler.


Queen Anora Theirin (née Mac Tir) is the wife of King Cailan Theirin and daughter of Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir. She is the Queen of Ferelden, a consummate ruler and committed to ensuring economic security for Ferelden.

Anora is both capable and quick-witted: traits which she can use to be charming or to cut someone up verbally—which she will not hesitate to do, if the situation calls for it. It is to Anora’s eternal irritation that, had she been born a man, it would have been much easier for her to achieve power in the world. She is easily bored by those of lesser intelligence and often assumes a somewhat imperious manner. She has become accustomed, after all, to being served—though this never goes over the top, as she was not born into luxury.

Anora was born a commoner, at a time shortly after her father had driven foreigners out of Ferelden. Her father was rewarded with his elevation to Teyrn, so in truth Anora grew up knowing privilege—it was her father that kept her very much aware of her common roots. Her mother died when she was young and thus it is her father that raised her. As such, she inherited her father’s skills and mannerisms. According to her father, as a child she acted as if she were the undisputed monarch of the whole world. She never joined the local children in play. Instead she read a lot, followed her mother around like a shadow about the gardens, and practiced archery and swordplay. Later she was moved to the palace where she became friends with her betrothed, the young Prince Cailan, while they were still both children. He was slightly younger than she was, and she would lead him around like a puppy on a leash, deep in adventures together. They once fought an army of ogres in the wine cellar together, or at least that was their explanation for all the broken bottles.

Eventually they were married, and while she is happy enough, it has always been a marriage of convenience in her eyes. She has grown fond of Cailan over time; nevertheless she considers her husband to be something of a fool (albeit a charming, lovable one). She is shrewdly intelligent and capable, and has been more or less running the nation in her husband’s name for the past five years (while wishing she were ruling in her own name). Cailan is an easygoing man who cares little for economics or politics, and is thus more than happy to leave much of the business of governing to his wife.

Anora is approaching her thirtieth year and is still childless despite five years of marriage; rumors are spreading that she is infertile, unable to give the king an heir.


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